Thursday, July 24, 2008

Evergreen Terrace

A bi-annual contemporary art and culture journal initiated in Melbourne by Evergreen Terrace (James Deutsher and Liv Barrett) in 2007, Evergreen takes an active curatorial role in brining together and shaping the things we are most excited about, or that we feel most urgently need to be addressed. The content is made up of things that we love, support, enjoy and make us curious. Each issue has a stand-alone format and design approach, we have ideas for monographs, single-themed isues, collaborative publications, guest editors, open-ended content sprawls...our focus is contemporary art, clothing and other material constructs, writing, fiction, essays, documentation and journalism.

In collaboration with an expanding number of great people from around the globe, Evergreen is a site for us to build ongoing dialogues, champion artists work and explore global pitfalls, energies, beauties, intensities, possibilities, fuck-ups and connections.